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Home Sweet Home (8) – HUAT AH! We’ve moved!


This is such a fulfiling and long and tiring and no-words-can-describe-our-excitement process, from day one till now, we can’t be more grateful.

More than three years of wait.. it’s really no kidding. Now let me share some Before-and-After pictures for the fun of it! Hee hee… it’s also a long time since I felt so excited to blog everything down for my own membrance, Of course, also to share with my readers, wheover is still reading my blog, thank you!! I know, I haven’t even complete my honeymoon entries lorr…

First Before&After picture gotta be this, we took the first pic on our key collection day, and then, after 6 months…. at last!! Everybody out there, stop saying “So fast!” le… hahaahahaha….

Before and After

I always thought I took many pictures, but in fact, I didn’t! This is the rare few pictures of the before pictures… lol.. coz when we first enter the flat, there is no lighting! and even after reno, still no lighting! coz those pendant lights have to be installed the last so that at the carpentry stage, the workers will not knock into the lights… which explains why the dark and dull pictures…

Living Hall - Before & After

Loves these Muuto lights! Hehee…

Walkway - Before & After

The place that undergone the greatest revamp, our bathrooms!! From overlay of wall/floor tiles, to changing of wash basins, and to building of shower screens… etc.

Bathroom Progress
Bathroom - Before & After

Kitchen, a place that I haven’t been spending much of my 30 years in. I hope I can learn cooking in this place from now on. 🙂

Kitchen - Before & After

And so, we started packing weeks ago, boxing up stuffs, but could only pre-shift some stuffs two days before our Shifting Day, because Mr K only schedules our chemical wash on Thursday! Hahaha… no choice! Within two days of moving, countless to&fro trips from our parents’ place to our place, no kidding, super shagged can…. but nothing can stop us, we’ve moved in on 18th May 2014!!

五月 是我喜歡的月份,18 也可以是“要發”,一切都很棒。我们搬家囖!

We've Moved!

With the kitchen appliances delivered, now it looks more complete. Hee hee.. still pending microwave oven tho… we already know which one to buy!


Picture from IKEA, and also close-up of our hob and hood from Mega Discount Store. 😉

Kitchen Close-Up

After some furnishings.. You & Me mugs I bought super long ago from Starbucks.. Rail and Hooks from IKEA, bottles from Taobao, and Chopping board & Cooking utensils from Takashimaya Sale! hee hee…

Marley in our Bedroom! Hee hee.. Super comfy and king-size Tempur mattress, and bed frame from Picket & Rail! By now, we have added HEMNES bedside tables from IKEA! Hee hee..


At last, the huge clock that we carried back from last year’s CGgalsBKK trip is up the wall!! We are sticking it up by tapes, plssss stay up there…. don’t fall down!! Plssss….

Clock in living hall

Oh ya, also the Sony Smart TV!!! OMG~ I thought it’s too huge for our living room, but I let Pail decide on all electronic purchases lah.. and now, it’s super shiok! This TV can connect to our wifi connection at home, and it allows us to pair up to Youtube from our Mac/iPhone.. so geeky!! kekekeke…. =p

Youtube TV

Besides buying furnishings.. I also did some DIY stuffs at home… MASKING TAPES! Heehee… and the toilet signs are bought since my last year’s Bangkok trip too… finally put to use! heehee..

(20140523) DIY stuffs at home-001

(20140523) DIY stuffs at home

These lights are 水草灯 bought from 台湾宜兰! We ordered since last year.. and only hanged them up now, and bought our own seaweeds to fill them up~ to look like how they should look like! Heehee..

Seaweed Lights

We do not have a balcony, but we created one! hehehee… love this shelf from Taobao!!! There are many of such shelves, but this is the only white and wood look one!! Wheee~~~


The cutest door-stopper ever~~~~~ it works as it has a certain weight, but the HDB main door is too heavy, so we DIY-ed a rubber door-stopper to add on friction, and now it works! 😀

Door stopper

Here’s our entry foyer cum partition from the entrance to living room.

Entry Foyer

Wall Art and laundry bags from Taobao in our Service Yard~ 😉

Wall Art and Laundry bags

Here’s our make-shift dining table! Hehehe…

Dining Table

When it comes to cooking, I always liked the idea of wearing a nice apron! Heehee..

My Apron

AND COOKING IS DONE in the kitchen at last!! Heh heh heh… simple cooking only la.. but must understand, I’ve NEVER stepped into the kitchen like this since school days ok~~ but I gotta say, I’m enjoying the cooking. 🙂 I didn’t change much since school days, still insist that my cooking has to be served nicely and decorated! kekekeke..

First breakfast!

Attempting to achieve a creamy and custard Scrambled Egg.. :p

Scrambled Egg

Second attempt in the following weekend.. hee hee.. we can only cook in the weekends la..

Breakfast 2

Can you believe it? This is my FIRST sunny-side-up of my life!! I’ve never fried one~ not too bad eh? 😉

Sunny side up

This is my first attempt with CURRY RICE. Not too bad eh? 😉

Curry Rice

Gyozas can also be for breakfast~


I’ve planned a house-warming session every weekend!! We prefer separate sessions than a BIG one la.. and now super excited to have friends over… kekeke.. but for the time being, I shall outsource to the food deliveries and caterings out there until I can whip up a whole table of foods for so many!! 😀

LAST BUT NOT LEAST~ latest addition is our favourite bookshelves from MUJI are finally here to fill up the empty wall! Love this soooo muchhhhhhh……

Muji and Ikea


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