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M & M 2010

Every year, I have trouble writing the Year-End-Looking-Back-Entry, trying to remember what movies I’ve watched, what albums I’ve bought. In fact, I’m having trouble even trying to remember what movies I’ve watched a month ago! OMG~ especially when I do not blog about every single of them, it gets more and more difficult! Hee hee.. so to do myself a favour, I decided to come out with this M&M List. (i.e. Movie and Music list of the Year).

S/N Title Remarks
1 New York, I Love You Jan’2010
2 刺陵 Jan’2010
3 Sherlock Holmes Jan’2010
4 The Blind Side Jan’2010
5 HACHIKO: A Dog’s Story Jan’2010
6 72家租客 Feb’2010
7 Valentine’s Day Feb’2010
8 大兵小将 Feb’2010
9 花田喜事2010 Feb’2010
10 NINE Feb’2010
富贵门 Feb’2010 [Drama]
11 听说 Feb’2010 [DVD]
12 Love Actually Feb’2010 [DVD]
海派甜心 Feb’2010 – YouTube [Drama]
就想赖着你 Feb’2010 – YouTube [Drama]
13 全城热恋 Feb’2010
14 Alice in the Wonderland (3D) Mar’2010
15 Crazy Hearts Mar’2010
16 Up in the Air Mar’2010
17 Le Concert Mar’2010 – French
18 越光宝盒 Mar’2010 (JB)
19 How To Train The Dragon (3D) Mar’2010
20 The Kidnapper 绑匪 Mar’2010
21 City of Men Mar’2010 – Portuguese
22 Clash of the Titans (3D) Apr’2010
23 Monga 艋舺 Apr’2010
24 Crossing Hennessy 月滿軒尼詩 Apr’2010
美丽高解像 Apr ‘2010 [Drama]
25 初恋红豆冰 Apr’2010
26 志明与春娇 Apr’2010
27 Chanel Coco & Igor Stravinsky Apr’2010 – French
28 AV May’2010 [VCD from Odin]
29 IP Man 2 May’2010
30 Away we go May’2010
31 Robin Hood May’2010
32 Did You Hear About the Morgans? May’2010 [DVD]
33 破事儿 May’2010 [DVD]
34 Isabella May’2010 [DVD]
35 Bounty Hunter May’2010 [DVD]
36 买凶拍人 May’2010 [DVD]
37 公主复仇记 May’2010 [DVD]
老公万岁 Jun’2010 [Drama]
38 Sex and the City 2 May’2010
39 Shrek 3D May’2010
40 出埃及记 May’2010 [DVD]
41 Women May’2010 – PolishedDiva
42 岁月神偷 Jun’2010
43 Prince of Persia Jun’2010
44 A Single Man Jun’2010 [DVD]
搜下留情 Jun’2010 [Drama]
45 Toy Story 3 (3D) Jun’2010
情人眼里高一D Jun’2010 [Drama]
秋香怒点唐伯虎 Jun’2010 [Drama]
46 Knight and Day Jun’2010
47 Letter to Juliet Jul’2010
48 枪王之王 Jul’2010
49 Despicable Me Jul’2010
50 第36个故事 Jul’2010
51 Inception Jul’2010
谈情说案 Jul’2010 [Drama]
52 一页台北 Jul’2010
53 集结号 Aug’2010 [DVD]
54 PCK The Movie Aug’2010 (Bro as Director)
55 唐山大地震 Aug’2010
56 SALT Aug’2010
IRIS Aug’2010 [Drama] – Korean
57 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Aug’2010 – Swedish
58 Liar Game: The Final Stage Aug’2010 – Japanese
59 The Expendibles Aug’2010
60 撕票风云 Aug’2010 [DVD]
61 线人 Aug’2010
掌上明珠 Aug’2010 [Drama]
62 恋爱通告 Aug’2010
63 Going The Distance Sept’2010
64 Grown Ups Sept’2010
65 維榮之妻 Villon’s Wife Sept’2010 – Japanese
66 The Girl Who Played With Fire Sept’2010 – Swedish
67 Nowhere Boy Sept’2010
68 叶问前传 Sept’2010 [DVD]
69 Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps Sept’2010
70 She’s Out of Your League Sept’2010 [DVD]
71 L’arnacœur ‘Heartbreaker” Oct’2010 [DVD] – French
72 精武风云 Oct’2010
73 通天神探狄仁杰 Oct’2010
74 近在咫尺 Oct’2010 – YouTube
75 EAT. PRAY.LOVE Oct’2010
76 剑雨 Oct’2010
飞女正传 Oct’2010 [Drama]
77 The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet Nest Oct’2010 – Swedish
78 Le Petit Nicolas Oct’2010 – French
女人最痛 Oct’2010 [Drama]
79 The Social Network Oct’2010
80 Adele: Rise Of The Mummy Nov’2010
81 Due Date Nov’2010
82 Son of Babylon Nov’2010
83 Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Nov’2010
84 Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale (3D) Nov’2010
85 Bruce Lee, My Brother Nov’2010
公主嫁到 Dec’2010 [Drama]
86 Confession Dec’2010
87 Remember Me Dec’2010
88 Hello Stranger Dec’2010
89 The Next Three Days Dec’2010
90 Easy A Dec’2010
91 Facing Ali Dec’2010
92 Tron: Legacy 3D Dec’2010
93 When in Rome Dec’2010 – PolishedDiva
94 鬼也笑 The Ghosts Must Be Crazy! Dec’2010 (Bro as Director)
95 Guliver’s Travel Dec’2010
96 Bride Wars Dec’2010 [DVD]
97 Kickass Dec’2010 [DVD]
98 等一等爱情 Dec’2010 [U频道 原创电影]
99 小孩•狗 Dec’2010 [U频道 原创电影]
100 The Tourist Dec’2010
S/N Title Remarks
1 D.N.A LIVE! 五月天[创造]小巨蛋 演唱会 CD 313@Somerset HMV
2 张学友 [Private Corner] Bought in HK for Bro
3 Olivia Ong [Olivia] Mar’2010
4 D.N.A LIVE! 五月天[创造]小巨蛋 演唱会 DVD Apr’2010
5 Eason 陈奕迅DUO Concert 2010 DVD Oct’2010
6 Tay Kewei Nov’2010


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