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Home Sweet Home (9) – Housewarming!!!



One of our first guests are Singwei who helped us a lot in when we move… then Lawrence and Wendii, they stay sooo close so decided to drop by for a visit, but we forgot to take picture le!! heehehe.. YishunKakis should be our first group of housewarming sessions! Thank you for the gifts!!! 破费了!:)


Rice cooker!

26.05.2014 Followed by my favourite CG~~ and Chloe!!


Now I can boil water le~~~ Xie Xie!!


We always take many pictures de lah~~ heheheee..


and see, Chloe is well-trained in looking at the camera!


She can join our Circle of Trust Mirror shot now! 😀


..and Feasting begins!!! Yay!!


31.05.2014 Fus and peeps are coming to warm our house too! Can see Gaius loh! hohohoh.. and also our new Mommy of the group, Irene!! Hee hee.. soon, we will have two boys in our group!



We ordered pizzas for them, so here is the chance to use our make-shift dining table we got from IKEA! Usually, it’s just drawers, only extend it into a table when necessary. Perfect for us! Hehh..

Make-shift Dining Table

Fus and Peeps

Shanyu bought us juicy fruits, and Weili helped to cut them up for serving~~ it’s really nice having him around! Hehehehe..


Gifts time! Hehee.. housewarming gifts, and souvenirs from Osaka from the Fus.. hee..


6.6.2014 – Happy Saturday with my dear friends from Kline. Super happy day!! It’s been a long time since I see Jimbo and his family, Justin is a big boy now, and first time meeting their baby girl, Megan!!

photo credit: jimbo
KSPI Group Pic

I hope I made them comfortable at home! Look at the kids, they are enjoying themselves!
(20140607) Housewarming with KSPI Peeps

Oh yea, Baby Megan❤ at last!! What a cheerful baby, please grow up into a pretty and cheerful girl! She’s going to turn 1 this July, too bad I’ve guests coming on that day, I can’t attend her birthday party..

Baby Megan

My dearest 小姑 and cousins came to visit too… hehehehe.. and I cooked them Curry Omu Rice!! Heehe…



One of the weekends, my NEC friends also came visiting, but I can’t believe it, we forgot to take a picture!! Aiyahh…

“28/6 Suki OpenHouse!”, I started this group chat one day after chatting with Steven, Ah Beng, Siewying and Joey.. and I crazily invited ALOT of them. And ALOT of them agreed to come!! Hahaha.. I can only say, my this bunch of friends really, sibeh onz. This is my last house warming session, and the one that made me all nostalgic again… because we used to be really close, but we have also lost contact for a superrrrrr long time since then..

I really never expect such a big group, even after having a family of their own, they came with their babies kids.. Man, I feel old! Carol came with her family, omg… her gal Germaine is such a grown up now~~~~ we literally 看著她出世&長大! Siewying came and shared so many of her stories on her business trips, I need to catch up with her again soon! Beng came with Valerie, also such a grown up and shy gal now.. the gal whom I gave her her name, don’t ask me why, but I am still feeling so honoured to be given the honor. Joey came with her hubby and boy, ahh such a happy family! Chindya also came with her boy, I have to repeat myself again, such a grown up now!! Man, I feel old… Eric Koh was as usual, sibeh erickoh, he replied a liner “tentatively going”, and no more replies from him to confirm, and yet he turned up with his gal too.. I was so surprised coz I tot he wasn’t coming already.. Haha… To the rest whom I didn’t entertain well, I’m so sorry if I wasn’t a good host.. I left Pail talking to Tricia and Zheng xin and Yongquan, as they are the only ones who knew Pail! This is my first time attending to such a big group, and so many kids!!! SCARY!!


One of the initiators, of all, Steven Kik, couldn’t make him because his new-born boy was sick.. ok, I forgive you lah, I hope your boy gets well soon!! Again, a pity I can’t meet him and his kids… Another two guys who couldn’t make it, Allan and Eric L, brudders or what, fly aeroplane also must fly together.. at least Wendy and Amanda came… they are one of the few who stayed till the end! 😀 btw, did I mention, Wendy’s boy is really Mini Allan!! Hahahaa… sibeh cute!! What a great chance for all of us, old friends to get together. I was really looking forward to meeting all of them as a group of us, for like the “last” time?! After this August 15, Eric L. and Amanda will be relocating to Perth for good, at least for a long time..


Anyway, enough of nostalgia! HERE’S TO US, OUR FRIENDSHIP! I seriously wonder when is the next time all of us can gather like that again….
The Singtel Bunch

Ok, that’s all!! Really thankful for all the wishes, gifts, and angbaos and vouchers…. 😀

Now is the start of LIVING in the house, and keeping it nice even w/o guests!! =p


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