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Home Sweet Home (7) – Lightings and etc.


Did I mention? Most of our lightings are brought from Taobao!! A very brave step that Pail took, and we really saved ALOT ALOT!! Heehee… I was initially quite against this idea, as I was worried about the safety and reliability of stuffs we get from China. However, I changed my mind after hearing this “so what we buy in Singapore, aren’t they Made in China too?”, and looking at the low prices of the lights and how beautiful the lights looked, I gave in like totally.. Kekeke..

View of the hall from our study room ^_^

Dunno after how long, we had mirrors, tabletops, sanitary wares, hood and hob up too! Pardon the dust/rubbish you see in the pictures* Here are how our completed wardrobe, kitchen and bathrooms look! *GRINS*

“WALK-IN” Wardrobe! Heh… not very big, but still, a walk-in! Of course, we sacrificed to make our sleeping area smaller… but it’s every woman’s dream… u know.. u know… *winks*


To our surprise, the Common Bathroom is larger than the Master Bathroom after renovation. I always thought it’s another way round! Haha…


Kitchen Appliances we picked:
– FUJIOH FX900 Hob
– BRANDT Induction Hob T1607
– Samsung Washer WD-906U4
– Dish rack brand unknown (provided by Mr A)

Love at my white kitchen!
Yayyy…. it’s the first area that is ready once all appliances are in. *winks*


hee.. this is before the chemical wash, look at the dust on the mirror!! aiyooooo….


We changed our Master Bathroom showerhead, and fixed two Song-cho racks, now I think one is actually sufficient. =,= As for kitchen sink, one or two bowls is fine, as we want it to fit just nice for our cabinet doors width, so we went with one-bowl. Tip: Choose a rounded-edge one, those sharp-edges sink will get a lot of dirt stuck de!

Corners of our House-012

Sanitary wares we picked:
– Grohe New Tempesta Class Shower Set for the Master bathroom
– HDB Showerhead for the Common bathroom
– Keramag Renova NR 1 Wash Basins for both bathrooms
– C600 Multipoint – Bennington water heater instead of the bulky and ugly Storage tank =p
– ROCA Monodin-N Kitchen Mixer and Blanco sink in Kitchen

I don’t dare to say we did a great job, but to all the couples out there, please remember to bear no grudges throughout the renovation process!! There’s bound to have times where you feel super fed up and want to raise your voice, roll your eyes, or/and slam the door, but just forget it! I really loved how Pail and I agree/disagree with each other, and at the end of the day, we managed to come out with wonderful ideas. Of course, we’ve had a few arguments too lah.. =p

Next update will be after we move in with furnishings and appliances, ciao!
Thanks for reading!!!


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