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Home Sweet Home (6) – Carpentry


Carpentry woes… tho troubled, but I’m so happy things are progressing well! Picking of laminates, tabletops, each and every centimetre/inch in designing the wardrobe and kitchen cabinets is so exciting and fun.. the design is almost standard, but we get to decide We’ve come a long way, didn’t we? We were given a huge stack of laminates to choose from, the brand is not the famous Lamitak, but I couldn’t remember what name was it le.. all the to-and-fro discussions till late midnight with A. We really appreciate his hard work though, he drew many drawings and revised upon our requests, and being fickle-minded, I cannot decide whether I want the plywood trimmings or not… A suggested we can pick another wood laminate instead of K’s famous exposed plywood instead. So we went with his suggestion..

In fact, my ideal dream kitchen looks exactly like the IKEA kitchen, but we all know how “reliable” IKEA stuffs are, I shan’t risk my kitchen on them… but this is how it looks ideally.

Handleless white Ikea units

The thing is, we don’t get wood solid tops in Singapore. Unless we go for laminate tops, which everyone has been discouraging us on that idea… so we shall go for ALL White, with White Quartstone tabletop instead… hee… many people suggested Kompac Woodtop, but we were quite skeptical about the new thing, so we shall stick with stone~ quartzstone!

Finally… we finalised on all the discussions, and the carpentry pieces are delivered to our house!!

FIXED UP the lego pieces, and TA-DAH!
We decided to go without door handles for the whole house cabinets, that gives the whole overall look a neat and more spacious feel. I wanted glass windows in the kitchen at first, but it’s more pricey, so we dropped the idea totally!

I added this condiment drawers idea in the very last minute, and so glad A did it for me!! 😀

*screams* at the WALK-IN WARDROBE! Although we do not have the luxury of having a WIW closet room, but I’m already very contented with what I get here!! Of course, this leaves us with a small Master Bedroom, but that’s fine. *winks* Oh ya, this is what I meant by exposed plywood/laminate wood look! Hee hee… and I specially requested for 2 drawers with keys; one for Pail, and one for me!

*screams again* at our very satisfied bathrooms!! Loved this wood-framed mirror idea from Pail, he suggested these instead of the huge mirror cabinets. Hee.. and so glad we insisted on asking K to make us these “Muji-look-alike” drawers! They are so functional yet beautiful!! I did quite a fair bit of research on which sinks to go for, and how I want the vanity cabinets to look like, and we decided to do away with the doors. 😉

Lightings up next…


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