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My experience at Cleo Hair and Make


Photo from Cleo Hair’s facebook page

Probably because my previous experience at Salon Vim, I am still a bit skeptical on salons that find bloggers to over-advertise for them. But this salon is sooooo tempting to me to try it everytime I go to Millenia Walk for Nansuttei! Heh.. just can’t resist Japanese hair salons, can I? 😉

So, I went online to search for reviews, and after reading up… I realised except for the local famous blogger, Bonqiuqiu, the hair salon basically don’t have many sponsered bloggers. Phew!

Photo from Bonqiuqiu’s blog

Not that I’m a fan or reader of Bonqiuqiu, but I only see her when I google for Cleo Hair. Standing beside her is Sio, the stylist I’ve booked appointment with. This is a true Japanese salaon with only japanese stylists and japanese magazines! 😀 I felt like I visited Japan that day, because I can’t speak too fluent English, just simple English words with Sio. And he always speaks with a smile, very polite, and friendly. When I showed him a few pictures of hairstyles I’ll like to try, but couldn’t make up my mind, he actually recommends me which one will suit me more, and he said somethin that impressed me. He said “I can do any designs, as long as you like.” Wow, so confident and steady rte? 😀

I’ve visited so many hair salons, the very expensive and skillful senior/director hairstylists always will have assistants helping them to do the simpler tasks, like hairwash and blowdrying, or even some, coloring and rebonding too. Basically, the price we pay for is only for the haircut. If you are not there for haircut, then you don’t even need to pay for the senior/director.

‘Nuff said, but here, Sio attended to me right from the beginning to the end! Even hairwash… even blowdry… I’m really impressed! Oh ya, this is the hair wash area, dark and comfortable, when you lie down, you won’t need to look at lights above, another point proven that Japanese are very considerate.. :p

Look at the HUGE mirrors.. wow!! Cabinets beside for you to put your bags.. and they will bring you Japanese magazines and also coffee, tea or water..

Photo from Cleo Hair’s facebook page

So having said so much, what hairdo did I go for?

Haircut by Cleo Sio

Heh heh… HAIR PERM!!!

Perming in progress

Almost there….

I reached around 2.30pm in the afternoon, the hairdo was done around 6pm… much faster than I expected!! Haha.. the whole process was very quiet and at ease. I also don’t know where did the trust came from, I just kept playing Candy Crush… at a point of time, I got so scared after the first step of hairperm and hairwash, the curls are so small.. look like maggie mee you know!! lol!

maggie mee

Photo from Internet

Sio assured me that when hair is wet, the curls will look small, but after blowdry, the curls will look big! And totally true! after he blowdry the hair for me, the curls became the big curls I wanted! Amazingggg….. he also taught me how to hold the blowdryer to blow my hair! XD

Too happy with my new hairdo, I took another picture in the restroom after dinner. :p

And asked Pail to take the backview to show me… haha…

OK! That’s all, if you are also interested,
Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, P2-09/10 PARCO Marina Bay
Phone: 6338 5250 (Also because they serve you one-to-one, they will have limited slots everyday, so they might not be able to cater to walk-in customers, so must call to make appointments!)

And take a deep breath to look at the price list, I heard that prices won’t change even during Chinese New Year hikes..

Cleo Hair Price List

Photo from Cleo Hair’s facebook page

Down with a bad cold for the past 4 days… I just felt like lying on the bed… >_< But I just realised the curls still looked alright without styling at all! Hahahaa.. see see...

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