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Down for the weekend


Last weekend, we celebrated Father’s Day with my family.. but on Saturday, I fell sick, really sick…. As most of you should know by now, I love good food.. Haha! I can’t resist to food, especially a lot of food laid out in front of me, but to my surprise, I can’t even put a thing into my mouth. No appetite!!! How come??

Can’t believe it myself too, we always see this on TV, one will say “I’ve no appetite”, and someone else will say “Just eat a little la..” This really comes in useless, u know? I know it now! lol.. Not even a nibble of food can be swallowed, I just felt like puking whatever I put into my mouth. Nauseous? no I don’t feel nauseous at all, but I was diarrhoea-ing in the morning earlier of the day. Again, like what we always see from dramas and movies, nauseous, oh! am I pregnant? Nehh.. you think too much la.. it’s diarrhoea ok! *knock your head*

A filled table of good yummy food laid in front of me, but all I put into my mouth was less than a half bowl of porridge. At the end of the lunch, yeaa, we still talked and joked along with my family, as Pail was settling the bill, all of a sudden, I felt a rush from my stomach to my throat… I’m going to throw up! It’s all in my mouth within a few seconds time… WHERE IS THE TOILET!!!!~~~~ omgg.. I can’t see the signboards without glasses on.. Grrrrr….

I just followed my hunch, and walked with the fastest speed, covering my mouth with my hand, trying to distract myself a bit.. too late! another rush just forced me to throw everything out, maybe just ten more steps to the Ladies! Awwww… *yucks* Then with this mess, I do not know what to do, but only to head for the Ladies before I throw up again, the cleaner told me cannot, cleaning toilet in progress! @#$%^&*%$#@#%&#@^*(*@#??!!!~ By now, my mouth is clear, I told her NO! I am unwell, I will hv to go to the Gents then, she panicked and allowed me to enter the Ladies.. Haahaa… another round of throwing out, this time correctly into the toilet bowl.

Feeling much better, we headed home for me to wash up.. and prepare for my afternoon date with Canny. Oh Canny is a friend from Hong Kong, she’s here in Singapore for a weekend, we had to meet up! Hehe.. I thought I was well already anyway… We met up at Crazyworld Cafe for the afternoon… lotsa chit chat.. and catching up… until late afternoon, we dropped her off at Vivo, she’s heading to Sentosa with her friend for Shinhwa’s concert at Resort World. I told Pail we better find me plastic bag just in case I throw up in the car on the way home.. so he stopped by Labrador Park carpark for us to look for a plastic bag in the car boot.. the minute he stopped, I felt the rush again… before he can park his car, I ran for the toilet and threw up again! Grosssssssssssss….

Totally exhausted.. we finally made it home to some proper medication, but that doesn’t stop my diarrhoea leh.. it’s supposed to work, but I’m still heading the toilet every hour for the whole night… feeling so ill, yet I can’t fall asleep, tossing around the whole night, so worried a tiny fart would just come out as diarrhoea. How to sleep?! Well, with addition of body aches coming up, I am beginning to deduce it’s a Stomach Flu. Eh.. and I actually felt a bit hungry! Pail made me mashed potato.. Haha.. and later of the night, I ate a bit of porridge again.. not bad, I thought I’m recovering with a returning appetite.

Nehh.. I was so wrong.. the second round of torture starts on Sunday. High Fever!!! and more Body Aches!! But blessing in disguise, no more diarrhoea. So I guess, the Stomach healed, but the Flu is up now? Hahaa.. I lost my taste senses and appetite.. and also lost 2 kg~ Wooohoooo, I actually felt happy! crazy me.. X_x

Are you still here? Ohhh~ thank youuuuuuu for reading such a wordy entry, I’ve fully recovered already! Yay! Within 3 days! Very fast right? Hahaa… I shall treat it as a form of “detox”, but I’ve really had enough of it… so thankful to have Pail by my side taking care of me… and because I’m sick, we missed eating the Father’s Day dinner with his Dad too.. boohoooo….

Here are some pictures to add on to the wordy lengthy post to colour up! Really loved this place to the max~ cos it’s so rare to find a 主题餐厅 in Singapore, and the 主题 here is 五月天!!! How can I not love this place, you tell meeee……. 😀

Crazyworld Cafe
Address & Contact:
24 Temple Street Singapore 058569
(Chinatown MRT Exit A) — click for map

T: 6223 7553

No GST / No Service Charge / Free Wifi Access

Back home at night, this is a bowl of mashed potato with love…

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