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Wedding Music


Been receiving many inquiries about my wedding march and background music.

Hehe.. Well, what’s better than The Wedding March for a wedding march-in? We went shopping around in THAT CD SHOP for inspirations.. and Google-ing and Google-ing… we finally settled on the wonderful Wedding March piano piece by Miranda Wong. The music can be purchased from her website.

Next, we are supposed to find a song for our first course presentation. A very “sart” one by those hotels will be “Victory”, but we found it rather cliche instead of classic.. So, after much homework was done, Pail found this very cute song.. “Le Festin” by Camille, found in Ratatouille soundtrack.. Haha!

Music needed for the second march-in, although we do not have one, but we still needed to go up the stage for Champagne Popping and Thank You speech. Hmmm.. since we are going to speak, we figured that it’s gonna sound messy if we play a song with lyrics? So, we picked 纯真 midi from one of Mayday’s album! It’s pretty short, so we had to loop it a few times.. =p

As for the background music for lunch.. Hmmmm.. I do not know if anyone bothered to care about background music? Or do you only care about the food? Hahaha.. but I’ll always pay attention to what music is playing when I attend weddings. So, this is pretty important to me. What do you think of this?

Hee hee.. I love it! =p

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