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Looking back 2013…


2013 is a year that I seldom write. Can you believe it, I’m still not done with blogging for our honeymoon in 2011!? I seldom blog, but still, there is a lot happening in this year. With that, this entry becomes a lot MORE MEANINGFUL!! 🙂

First of all, this is a year of lotsa travelling. Haha! Out of 12 months, I had 6 trips, and out of the 6 trips, I was on my own solo trip for 2 of them!! Cool right? I always imagined myself doing something like that since I was young, but never had the courage until this year, it just happened so naturally without much anticipation or planning.


Kaoshiung in Dec-Jan
This is CrazyGang’s First Countdown overseas, and in my favourite country, Taiwan!! We spent a day in Taipei and made our way to Kaoshiung. Had lotsa food, eating steamboat in the cold, wearing thick jackets, shiok or not? Sibeh shiok!! Visited the 五月天exhibition at 搏二.. sibeh happy we did so many jumpshots with the magnificent Mayday’s Bumblebee. Pail and I are going to countdown at 高雄世运体育场 with Mayday’s NOWHERE concert, while the Lee sisters and their bro went to 高雄梦时代’s countdown party.

Such a wonderful experience.!!

Osaka in April
Our 2nd trip to Osaka, but we feel different in every trip. Especially this is our first time seeing SAKURA!! See here for a short teaser of our trip.

Para Para Sakura!! Haha!!

Soooooooooooo beautiful….

Hong Kong Solo trip in May
Why did I say my solo trip naturally happened without much anticipation? That’s because Pail was being summoned by our country to serve a ONE MONTH reservist in Kaoshiung!!! And so…. Suki shall go for a solo trip too!! It got to be somewhere which I do not require much planning, Taiwan or HK? Let the itinerary and air fare decide my destination. First, Air tickets to HK are cheaper than TW, and secondly, I managed to buy a Mayday concert ticket from this 换票区 to fight against 黄牛票! Muahahahaha… Canny will help me deal with the seller, and the happiest thing is I will be able to meet up with her again! Yay!

Woohoo.. All sorted. Got myself a 3G data sim card, and i did not lose my way at all! Suki can read maps now!! To sum up this trip: 一个人的旅行,睡到饱,吃到饱,逛到饿,饿了吃,累了就坐下来喝杯咖啡,再继续逛。还有拍很多很多的照片,再INSTAGRAM. 😀

Taipei Impromptu trip in August

How this impromptu trip happened –> read here.

No, this is not Taipei, why so hot one???? This gotta be the hottest Taipei we’ve ever been. Coz we always go during Winter, and now is Summer in August, even hotter than SG!!! To make things worse, it’s RAINING and TYPHOON season~~~ Heck lah, still want to enjoy ourselves…. we appreciated the hot weather after we were welcomed with their seasonal rain, hotter also never mind, at least it didn’t rain when we visited 十分&菁桐 and 宜蘭. Heh… 人就是这样。We are quite prepared for the season, we are in shades, sleeveless/tees, shorts and slippers, I even bought my super-cui longchamp bag and the Manhattan backpack that are waterproof. Needless to say, it’s always ALOT OF GREAT FOOD, SHOPPING and LUXURY HOTEL STAYS in Taiwan. =)

Bangkok #CGGalsBKK in September

Read here on the trip. So glad, I took time to blog about this amazing trip with the gals. 😉

Vancouver Work Trip in October

This is the first work trip of my life, and I’m going to Vancouver, Canada, BC. I’m only reporting for work on the 1st Oct, and one week later, I’m in Vancouver. It still feels like a dream to me. Alone there, I felt a bit lonely, but I tried not to think about it, and just adapt to the lifestyle. And yes, I did it. I survived. The people there are such wonderful people, kind and helpful, one thing I noticed is, they do not have their own culture, their culture is a mixture of everybody’s cultures from different parts of the world. That’s also what Singapore is like, but I sensed more happiness in the people there. It’s amazing. I couldn’t describe why so amazing, but it’s just amazing. Hehehe..

Visit my Flickr for more photos on the beautiful Autumn.








I left my job at NEC, where I had confidence in doing my Business Analyst job but no motivation to stay on there forever…




After two months break, I started working again at a shipping company. Here, I do not have the same confidence as I had in NEC, but instead, I am motivated to stay here for a long time.



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Movies in this year

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