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Before you know it, it’s been a quarter of 2011 already!!
And I’m trying to blog almost the whole month of backlogs in one shot here~

Date: 03-03-2011

Gifts From Bangkok from Xingwei!! Hehee.. a bubble bag, colour of my own choice, he’s brought MANY back!!! Hehehee so I picked RED!! Pail has to blow it up, see how much effort that is! Ha! He’s got a tee shirt too.. Errrrrr… read the words.. ~___~ Eh! Otw to XW’s place, realised there is a new prata shop that replaces the original 早餐店, ohhhhh hosey! More prata breakfast in future~~ but I also missed lor mai kai and fan choy and cheap nasi lemak!!!

Date: 04-03-2011

Finally decided to give a chance to the Ginza Japanese Food at ION Orchard Basement~ well, food is not bad tho, just that their air con is way toooooo cold, remember to bring a jacket on the next visit! 冷到抓狂~

Hilarious picture of Pail, I nvr fail to burst into laughter everytime!

Disclaimer: I did not throw the things all over the floor! Someone ransacked the garbage bags and cupboard I threw out, and threw them all over the floor. ~_~

Date: 05-03-2011

Project Impossible Day Two!!! To clean up and revamp my room, it is never a one day thing! I think I’ll need to write a separate entry for this.. this is more of a food photolog, because I was soooo hungry by then!! Prata was breakfast, while dinner was at Blk925@Yishun. Hehee.. in case it closes! =p

Date: 06-Mar-2011

I love that pair of heels at Zara! But I can only stand in it, I can’t walk in it!

And Do you know? There is this Jap Food corner at Taka Basement!!
Very nice and fragrant rice they sell!!! Gingko.. Chestnut.. Sweet Potato….
All verrrry nice! I wanna try them all lor! Can takeaway just the rice too~

Date: 08-Mar-2011

Caught the movie Forever 我爱你爱你爱你, free movie invite from OMY.
I wrote a review here.

Date: 10-Mar-2011

Yay!! On Leave on a weekday!!!!
I Super Duper love such days~~ met up with Joey who’s on leave too~
Treated her to Wild Honey brunch, and I think she loves it. Hehe..

We went yakking non stop, and shopping non stop~
Until my feet gave way, I also gave up, bought a pair of Havainas!
Dinner was at Taiwan Mee Sua at basement of ION.
We just love Taiwan food too much le.. hahaha…

Date: 11-Mar-2011

Haha.. it’s Friday I returned to work, so happy!!!
One day of work, and it’s weekend lo!! Woohoo~

Pail and I went to eat at Xing Wang before our movie “Rango”.. it’s a very adult and serious cartoon I say!!! Haha.. very ugly cartoon characters as compared to the normally very cute ones… No wonder Johnny Depp chose this movie..

Oh, at Xing Wang, I saw this on the table, and we WhatsApp to XW!
Hahahaha… so funnny lahh…

Look at the very very cute Mr Bean thingy~ That’s Nicole’s.
I just took it to take a photo~ not really collecting it afterall. Heh..

Date: 12-Mar-2011

We visited the IT Show earlier in the day~ “molested” the Fuji x100!
Hohohoh.. this gotta be my favorite avatar for now lor!!!!!

It’s actually our Steamboat Day! Yippie~ Shanyu jio us all to her office. I was surprised, why would anyone eat steamboat in office? Wouldn’t the smell fill the office room? Hahaha.. but it was indeed interesting. I think the smell wasn’t too bad afterall!! Once in awhile, I still enjoy eating steamboat de~

Mahjong + Eve Online, 各有所好. I was just looking ard here and there, not belonging to either group.. Haha! Nevertheless, still fun mixing around here and there!

15 to 17-Mar-2011

1. 15.03 LeSportSac mook from Kino
2. 16.03 Curry Yong Tau Hu
3. 17.03 Dong Feng Fa Chicken Rice
4. 15.03 Gong Cha White Pearls
5. 15.03 A portrait of Chloe!!! Haha!!

Date: 18-03-2011

Winson was out on business trip during his birthday.. so we decided to go fetch him at the airport.. with banners and cheers!!! Haha! And so… dinner was at 三盅两件 at Changi Airport.. Samsui Chicken rocks la!

More Randoms of March

1. 01.03 Look at my nail polish collection now~ all into a box.
2. 05.03 We were more prepared with masks and gloves from Bro.
3. 19.03 HairInn Visit for Pail again~
4. 23.03 Pancake lens for my Pen. Yay!!! Love it!
5. 25.03 Spider that Jimbo and I caught at work. Haha..

Hey, that’s not all of March yet. Phwa.. didn’t notice my March was quite happening huh~~ Hehehe.. will blog more in upcoming entries~ Stay tuned!!! Lotsa good fooooood~~ Nom nom nom nom nommmm…

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