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Writing in a more diary style, I decided to change a font face.. hehee.. and I will date each of my entry… Maybe this can serve as a photo log? Hahaa.. a monthly photo log! Not bad eh?

16.02.2011 – 18.02.2011
Was chatting with Pail on MSN, and 神来一笔!!
I suddenly had the inspiration to draw out my bedroom floor plan…

That’s it! I am putting my revamp bedroom plan into action!!!
Hee.. there’s already no surprise in such a back-dated entry,
because my bedroom already has a NEW LOOK by now!!

that’s me in the picture crossing my leg,
waiting to see the doc.. Why? Because…
since a month ago, I felt a lump in my ear loop…
and it hasn’t subside at all as time passes by.
Apparently, doc says it’s pretty common to grow somethin like tat.
Just tk some medicine and apply his medicated cream..
well, I finished the medice, the lump did became smaller~
but it’s STILL there. ~_~

Still suffering from Black Swan aftermath,
we caught the movie 127 hours at AMK Hub..
Phwa.. one word. Fantastic.
I no longer suffer from Black Swan effects now. Ha.

Finally I got to try Gong Cha!!!
Mmmmmm.. it’s nice!!
Will try other flavours in time to come.. Hehehe..

Friday dinner was quite late at Thai Express
….after visiting our bridal studio
we sure still need more discussion sessions with my gown designer!
Nothin has been finalized, nothin has been decided YET! Haha..
so, I don’t think I will write a wedding blog here. =p

Don’t judge our dinner by the colour,
the pale colours are damn deceiving!!
It’s not light at all, in fact.. too heavy for a late dinner.
I almost had indigestion after my bowl of green curry noodles. ~_~

Also caught the movie No Strings Attached. Haa..
Natalie Portman looks totally different here!!
So is Aston Kutcher, I don’t fancy him la..
but the movie is not bad tho..


Haha.. it’s really a movie marathon week!
Caught the movie 《我知女人心》at Cine..
刘德华 and 巩俐! Woohoo…
Honestly, this isn’t the first Gong Li movie I watch,
but this definitely is the first time I feel her woman charm!!

So, we are still back to Jap Food. Sushi Tei!! Hohoh..
The magic of sashimi never fails to lure us back.


Mcd Breakfast is not an uncommon thing anymore..
we are lovin’ it! Haha!

Curry Chicken is another hard to resist staple food…
Ever since Amara Nana Curry closed down..
we have been seeking for its replacement…
This time, we were lured in to Toastbox this time.
Surprisingly, their curry and laksa r not bad wor~~

Facebook Check-in feature is a great tool to decide where shall we go.
I think at least four of our friends have checked in to Nex..
so there we are! Haha!!! First time here!
Very sua ku, and very amazed~ =D
seriously, I think EVERY level has somethin to eat! BEST!
But we already had our dinner,
so we settled for some desserts instead.

Oh.. also try checking out King & King Wong at their highest level..
with the kids playground and Pets Cafe..
Pretty crowded up there…
They sells very beautiful and EXPENSIVE furniture!
I likey~~~~~


Pail is serving his IPT every Tuesday and Thursday..
so I am having lotsa Me-Time at home alone.. Hoho..
Don’t know what to do suddenly…
so.. I… *winks*
How do you like my home D.I.Y. manicure?
It’s OPI colour “Tickle My France-y”.
I love it! Haha!


Supposed to be a PPBC gathering, but just P&P w/o B and C.. Haha!
It’s been a while since Tricia and I met up for jap food..
so we decided to check out Kiseiki buffet~
and feast on SASHIMI! LOL!!


Thursday night. Another night of Me-Time.
Oh, time to collect my new glasses.
I got this pair from Taiwan Kaoshiung Night Market..
Hahaa.. I’m still wearing my old pair, just that..
sometimes, some outfits looks better with this pair of glasses.
G e e k y. =p


Joey and I also had some girls time on our own~ to catch up!!
Hohoho… met up at Raffles City Soup Spoon this time.
I really enjoy the freedom of speech and understanding between us!


Caught the movie King’s Speech.
Another Oscars award winning movie..
It’s indeed a movie about speech.
So… I fell asleep again..
Duhz! Piak! *slaps forehead*
Well, I woke up as the movie slowly builds up..
It got more interesting..

Dinner was more Curry at Old Town Cafe.. Haha!
And ta-da~ I got myself a new watch from the push carts.
It’s only FIVE DOLLARS!!!!! Muahahaa…

Heh.. remember my plan to revamp my room?
First thing I need is to get some storage boxes~
My bro recommended me to check out NTUC Xtra.
Hohoho… and I got these boxes with Pail’s help!
LOL~ but look at what I did to him~~~
when his hands are occupied carrying the boxes!
I tore the price tags into pieces and stick all over his hand~


Time to visit our gown designer again…
Just to find the right style for me..
I tried on a few different gowns on my every visit.
It can be quite tiring yet fun leh.. Ha..

Late afternoon, we are back at Nex again..
this time with Crazy Gang, since we were craving to sing K..
We also went to roam around to explore the place..
Back to King and King Wong.. and had lotsa fun in there!
Haha! Look at how Yan teaches the Rabbit dancing!!

Food exploring always happen..
it’s Freshness Burger this time.
The menu and prices are pretty similar to Mos Burger..
but more varieties in their sides..
Hear say they are competitors in Japan?!!!

There is a Japan food street at Nex too..
but we went up for desserts a bit too late la,
not much on the menu were available by then..


Sunday at home.. It’s a mini celebration for Sirui.
She’s One year old already!? Wow.. time flies!
OMG.. she’s damn cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~

Hehehee.. this is all for month of February!
More coming up for March!!!



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