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still about birthday celebrations..


Haha.. i feel ashamed that I’m still blogging about birthday after so long!
I better finish this entry quickly! 😀

On Monday, Tricia&Suki™ decided to meet up two days before the PPBC meetup. This poo gal loaded me with so many goodies and souvenirs and presents! WOW!!! She just came back from India and Beijing, and also a whole box of gifts! Love the card she hand-made.. this is the second card I’ve received from her already!! 😀

Two days later, PPBC met up.. with special appearance of Beng and family!! Beng accidentally “bumped” into the POO gal during lunch on the same day.. and spontaneously joined our gathering at night! HEe.. look how grown-up is Valerie already~ and amazingly, Beng still looked exactly the same as five years ago in his T-shirt!

CY brought her Polaroid cam and we had fun taking shots! Hee..

Hahaa… and this huge present is from PPBC, that’s a PUMA bag by the famous African-American painter Kehinde Wiley!! I’m lovin it and carrying it almost everyday~~ if I’m not wrong, this bag is a special edition for the World Cup in South Africa this year! Woohoo~~

I was kept in the dark about our dining place till the night itself. It’s Heaven’s Loft at Orchard Central~ Alfresco dining! Woohooo x2~ it was great before the sky turned dark.. keke.. Food was so-so, but it’s the company that matters lah! My birthday cake was a veryyyy nice ice-cream cake!!! 😀

Following Tuesday was reserved for Joey&Suki™.. Sushi and Sashimi will be the staple food for most of my gatherings with friends! 😀

We also had much fun playing with my new toy, especially with the Rilakkuma new stickers from ARTBOX!! Hehehe… It’s been a lonnnnnnnnnnng time since we took a picture together!! OMG..

Hee.. she also threw me a box of goodies!! Haha! Ever since my operation in August, I’ve been nagging her to buy me bird’s nest~~~ and so, she really did so! Muahahahahhaa… and being the very thoughtful Lui, she remembers I asked for sample from her very huge bottle CURE.. she remembers I always wanted to buy the Ettusais mist spray.. she remembers I use the Faceshop Eye & Lip Makeup remover too~ Wooohoooo…

Okay! That’s about it, folks!
Finally done up the birthday entry~ phew!! 😉


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