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falling sick


As most of u know, I caught the flu bug.. Ergh.. and I missed my favourite run of the year… sigh. But to my surprise, the attitude of my friends/family have changed a great deal as compared to the intial H1N1 alarmed reaction… quite amusing….

First was my Bro..
Bro: “Going kitchen? Can help me fill up this bottle of water? Very thirsty leh..”
Me: “Ya.. but i’m down with flu! U sure u want me to touch your waterbottle?”
Bro: “H1N1?”
Me: “What if it is?”
Bro: “Then I’ll bring it to Hong Kong with me lor~~ fill up the bottle leh, thanks~”
*Continues with his X-Box
Me: -__-

Then was yesterday.. time is about 10plus at night.
Odin: “See.. Yan’s eyes are red red.. watery watery liao..”
Yan: *rubs eyes* sleepy look
Odin: “..looks like FLU symptoms r on her!”
Me: *Stunned* “OMG is it me? is it me passing to u?”
Yan: *Welcomes with both arms* “Spread to me spread to me! i wan 7 days MC!”
Angie: “But there is no more 7 days quarantine!”
Yan: *Disappointed look* “Huhhhh…”

Ok.. this just happened.
Me: “heee i m sick lehhhhhh .. ”
Pail: “i wan to be sick.. can we aim for me to be sick by tis fri?”
Pail: “on bo.. ahhaha”
Me: -__-


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